Ayurveda also has medicine to control BP, sugar and thyroid


Prayagraj : People often resort to allopathy to control BP, sugar, thyroid, cholesterol or uric acid. Once the report shows increased or decreased BP or sugar, then they have to take the help of medicines to control them throughout their life. But with the help of Ayurveda, these can be controlled in a better way without causing any side effects. Ayurveda also helps in reducing drug dependence.

40 year old Amarjeet Singh Hora started a unique initiative in the year 2018.

We are talking about one such excellent Brain Child of Ayurveda, Amax Consumer Health Care Dr. Amarjit Singh Hora, who has broken the myth that if diabetes, BP or cholesterol has increased that one will have to take medicines for life, his innovation has helped in reducing the cost of medicines. The need gradually reduces. Certainly less medicine means a better life.While talking to the media, Dr. Amarjeet Singh Hora told that from the very beginning, he used to observe people’s daily routine very closely, and used to wonder why they got diabetes at a young age, or why they always depended on medicines in case of high cholesterol. Is there anything in Ayurveda that can reduce people’s dependence on medicines? He did an in-depth study on the Integrated Health concept of the Government of India. In which he found that some herbs have the ability to control sugar, blood pressure and even thyroid. Understanding this, he launched Emotol, Cartitol and Nazitol. Which is used through the navel. Amarjeet said that there are many navel oils available in the market but navel is a very sensitive part of the body, no kind of chemical can be used in it. Therefore, for the first time, extracts of specific medicines were used for the navel. Only two drops of which are enough. One of their products lasts for at least six months, which gradually reduces the dependence on medicines. Along with BP, sugar, thyroid and uric acid, these medicines also have some other benefits. Is this one medicine enough for everyone? Amarjeet says it is not so, different extracts of herbs are used for different problems, hence our medicines also change. For example, there is cortisol for the lubrication of cartilage and bones, which prevents nerve compression and loss of bone density with age. It is known that earlier in the year 2018, under the banner of Amax Consumer Health Care, Amarjeet was the first to launch Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic Oil, which is the only product which not only reduces pain but also strengthens the muscles. Today there are lakhs of consumers of their products across the country.

Left job in a multinational company and started service

Before starting the campaign to keep people healthy through Ayurveda, Amarjeet Singh Hora used to work in the R&D department of a multinational company. But through this he was not able to do anything better for the society. Since Amarjeet’s maternal grandfather was a legal practitioner, he had a good command over herbs from the beginning. The scope of Amax Consumer Health has spread not only in the country but also abroad. The important thing is that many of his videos related to healthy diet, behavior and thoughts have been released on social media.

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