Gorakhnath Peeth will establish BJP in South India 

Reena. N. Singh

Gorakh Peeth has always been a symbol of harmony among all religions and has been giving the message of unity in the society. For centuries, the ideology of Nath Yogis and Sufi saints was propagated simultaneously in India in Gorakh Peeth. During that period, it was also seen that some Nath saints adopted the Sufi ideology, while some Sufi saints, influenced by the Nath Sadhana system, adopted the Nath ideology. What I mean to say is that it was a time when there was no distinction of caste or religion. It was a matter of achieving siddhi or moksha by following two different paths. But due to some Muslim fundamentalists, this distinction became clearly visible in the society.

Those fundamentalists polluted the brotherhood and mutual harmony of the society for their own interests. Since time immemorial, people of every caste, religion and class have been associated with Gorakhpanthi in Gorakh Peeth. The Muslim community has also been associated with Gorakshpeeth for a long time, about which very few people know today. People of every caste, religion, society, province and class are associated with the Nath sect and by joining Gorakshpeeth, they become Nath only. There are many villages of Muslim Jogis in eastern Uttar Pradesh and various states of India like Bengal and the provinces of South India. In these villages, there live such Muslim Jogis who wear saffron colored clothes like the Nath sect and with a sarangi in their hands, they roam from village to village singing the folk tales of Gopichandra and Raja Bhartrihari becoming sanyasis under the influence of Gorakhnath and sing songs describing the glory of Gorakhnath. Famous Hindi scholar Hazari Prasad Dwivedi has given information about them in his book written on Nath sect. He has written that, many Muslim castes who believe in Nathism are afraid to introduce themselves. Such castes exist in every part of the country. George Weston Briggs has also mentioned Muslim yogis in his book ‘Gorakhnath and the Kanphata Yogis’.
Yogi Adityanath’s guru, the late national saint Mahant Avaidyanath gave the message of social harmony from Meenakshipuram in Tamil Nadu. He raised his voice against religious conversion and presented such living examples while protecting the rights of the backward castes and scheduled castes that Gorakhnath Peeth is respected and recognized not only in North India but also in South India. It is important to mention here that the roots of Shri Gorakhnath Math were present in South India centuries before Mahant Avaidyanath reached Tamil Nadu. King Bhartrihari is very famous in folklore, who was the king of Ujjain and the elder brother of the great king Vikramaditya. King Bhartrihari was a great Sanskrit poet, who became a Nath Panthi Yogi after handing over his kingdom to his brother. Bhartrihari is counted among the great Yogis of the Gorakh dynasty. His stories are popular in Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan. In Chhattisgarh state, like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Bhartrihari Charit is also very popular. This story is being transferred from generation to generation through the mouth of elders in the villages. King Bhartrihari became a disciple of the great Nath Yogi Pattinath of Tamil Nadu, who is called ‘Pattinathar’ in Tamil language (Swetharanyar or Pattinathu Chettiar is the Purvashram name of this saint of Poompuhar, Tamil Nadu) and finally attained Mukti (Salvation) in Kalahasti temple. In South Indian languages, Gorakhnath Peetha is also called Korakka Siddhar (Devanagari: गोरखपुर) who is one of the 18 Siddhars and also known as Gorakhnath among Navnathars, Shri Agattiyar was his guru, whose Samadhi is in Vadukupoiganallur in Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu. According to one account, he spent a major part of his life in the Velliangiri Hills of Coimbatore. Other sanctums related to Gorakhnath Peetha i.e. Korakkar are in Perur, Tiruchendur and Trikonmally.
Some of the Siddha temples and caves of Korakkar are found in the Chaturagiri and Kolli hills. If we talk about politics, it is important to mention here that in the coming times, BJP can be politically successful in Tamil Nadu only when they put forward Yogi Adityanath and present the historical relations between Gorakhnath and South India, especially Tamil Nadu, before the current generation. There is a need to bring forward the cultural and spiritual connection of Tamil Nadu and Gorakhnath Peetha. Gorakhnath Math is the biggest strength to strengthen BJP in Tamil Nadu. Apart from this, Yogi Adityanath should revive the OBC, SC-ST upliftment ideology in Tamil Nadu, which was started by his guru Mahant Avaidyanath ji. If this happens, Yogi Adityanath will be the first face of Indian politics who will have a strong identity and hold in Hindi speaking states as well as South India. In the future politics of India, perhaps Yogi Adityanath will be the protector saint of Sanatan who will do the great work of uniting India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.
(Reena. N. Singh, Advocate Supreme Court of India)
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