Save Culture Save Bharat Foundation Urges Government to Ban X and Netflix for Violations of POCSO Act, 2012 & other laws

New Delhi: Ahead of the government’s plans to introduce the Digital India Bill to check AI-generated deepfake videos, the Save Culture Save Bharat Foundation today presented damning evidence that X (formerly Twitter) and Netflix have become platforms for broadcasting pornographic, sexually explicit and obscene content across India in blatant violation of laws like the POCSO Act, Indian Penal Code, IT Act and Indecent Representation of Women Act. The Foundation demands an immediate ban on the operations of both X and Netflix for these “blatant unlawful acts threatening to tear apart India’s character and cultural heritage.” The Foundation also recommends that the upcoming Digital India Bill should include provisions for immediate ban on any propagation and streaming of sexually perverted content by any platform. If any platform fails to control the pornographic content on their platform, it should be banned immediately.

Addressing the press conference, Shri Uday Mahurkar, the Foundation’s Founder, accused these platforms of enabling easy access to pornographic sewage for millions of Indian children. “In the post-COVID era, children mandatorily use mobile devices for education which exposes them to the obscene content from X and Netflix. Any pornography on an adult’s mobile is accessible to their children too.”

Highlighting the legal violations, Supreme Advocate Shri Vishnu Shankar Jain stated, “X and Netflix stand thoroughly exposed for their comprehensive failure and utter disregard of Indian laws and regulations aimed at protecting society from obscenity and sexual exploitation. They have gone far beyond simply violating laws like POCSO Act, IT Act and IPC – their very business model is fundamentally unethical to the moral and cultural fabric of our nation.”

Jain presented samples of the illicit content, including graphic depictions of sex acts, nudity and obscenity that he said goes against every rule and guideline governing audio-visual media in India. “Even their own platform policies have been reduced to a sham. Their grievance redressal systems are an utter mockery, designed to protect proliferation of this cultural toxicity rather than addressing public concerns. Enough is enough – a complete systemic overhaul is required.”

Udai Mahurkar also made scathing criticism with regard to the broader societal and cultural ramifications. “What X and Netflix are perpetrating goes beyond just pornography – it is cultural genocide through ideological subversion. They are weaponizing sexual decadence to undermine the very spiritual, moral and civilizational foundations that modern India has been built upon. This is commercial sexual exploitation aimed at depraving young minds and harvesting cultural rot for profits.”

 He stated this concerted onslaught by global gains was an extension of centuries of colonial oppression through new means. “First it was economic, political subjugation of our people and civilization by invading forces. Now it is mental, cultural and sexual neo-imperialism – profiting off proliferating the Western toxic ‘values’ of promiscuity, obscenity and depravity that are diametrically opposed to our ancient Dharmic ideals of social purity and ethics.”

For X, the Foundation unveiled a dossier containing over 50 samples of pornographic videos, graphic nudity, obscene sexual acts and other illegal adult content from different users captured from the official app. “This is just the tip of the iceberg – we could provide thousands more examples of how X has degenerated into an unrestrained pipeline for pornographic filth and depravity,” Mahurkar stated. He cited a 2024 report showing India has 25.45 million X users, putting this content within reach of millions of children.

For Netflix, the Foundation’s dossier contained over 100 samples from different films and web series depicting graphic nudity, explicit sexual acts between individuals and groups, obscene depictions like ejaculation on faces, and other illegal pornographic material. “This content is so horrendous and obscene it would not even be approved for an ‘A’ certificate by the Censor Board,” Mahurkar said.

The Foundation raised alarming concerns about the psychological impacts, citing studies linking pornography consumption to increased sexuall violence like rape. Mahurkar said known serial rapist-killer like of US Ted Bundy has stated before he was sentenced to death that pornography was without exception the key motivator of rapists  He presented recent Indian examples including a school principal raping minors after watching porn.


“The normalization of hardcore pornographic content by X, Netflix and OTT platforms is having a destructive impact on young, impressionable minds and increasing sexual perversion in society. This cannot be allowed to go on.”


Mahurkar criticized the government’s IT Rules of 2021 as toothless and ineffective in controlling platforms like Netflix that has a co-chairperson role in the Digital Publisher Content Grievance Council (DPCGC) which is meant to address public grievances. Other DPCGC members like MUBI also have dedicated porn sections.Mahurkar stated that the government is planning to introduce the Digital India Bill to check AI-generated deepfake videos and explore better ways to use the technology. “In this bill, the govt shouldinclude a provision that if any content provider or aggregator fails to control the streaming of pornographic content, then it should be banned immediately and not allowed to operate in India. The upcoming bill should be drafted with stakeholder consultations and made more strong and impactful, unlike previous toothless bills which have served almost negligible benefits.”

He declared that if India is to become a ‘Vishwa Guru,’ it cannot remain a “culturally pauper nation” by allowing X, Netflix and others to proliferate pornographic toxicity unchecked.

“We demand a complete and permanent ban on the operations of both X and Netflix in India to protect children and society from this sexual anarchy. A similar investigation into other OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Hotstar, SonyLIV is also required,” Mahurkar affirmed.


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