Sony SAB artists share heartwarming monsoon memories and favorite rainy day comforts

New Delhi : The monsoon season brings with it a sense of nostalgia and joy, evoking cherished memories of childhood and simpler times. For the beloved artists of Sony SAB, the rains hold a special place in their hearts, filled with unforgettable moments and heartwarming experiences. From playing in the puddles to savoring homemade delicacies, each artist has a unique story to tell.

Riya Sharma who essays the role of Tara in Dhruv Tara said, “I like monsoons. I love going for long drives, enjoying the weather, and especially experiencing Bombay’s monsoon. It’s wonderful here. I love going out on dates and adore chai and pakoras. There’s no specific monsoon fashion for me, but I do prefer boots because of the weather. I also have many clothes made from parachute fabric, a lifesaver during the monsoon. This is my go-to monsoon fashion. I love this weather so much that I don’t feel like waking up in the morning; I just want to sleep.”

Amandeep Sidhu who essays the lead character of Baani in Badall Pe Paon Hai said, “When I was in Delhi, my mother used to make Kheer and Puri which used to be my favorite dish growing up. Savoring every bite of it used to be my favorite pastime during rain. Upon moving to Mumbai, life took a busier turn. Amidst the hustle and bustle, my fondness for Vada Pav blossomed. I used to wait at the bus stand munching on the spicy snack, especially during monsoon. Since I am in Chandigarh now the incessant rain over the past two days has brought a serene and refreshing change.”

Anjali Tatrari who essays the lead character of Yuvika in Vanshaj said, “Monsoon fashion for me is all about comfort and coziness. Most of the time, I prefer to stay in my shorts or pajamas. The cozy atmosphere of the monsoon just makes me want to curl up and enjoy the simple comforts. Childhood memories are incredibly special to me, especially the snowfall and unexpected holidays it brought. We used to go out, get drenched, and play in the puddles—I really miss those carefree days. Living in Umar Gaon now, surrounded by lush greenery, I still love enjoying the magic of the monsoons. Pakodas are my go-to dish during this season—they bring back fond memories and are the perfect treat on a rainy day.”



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