It is not easy to understand the thoughts of pet animals, Dr Parul does this work


New Delhi : ‘’I love giving animals a “voice,” so they feel heard and understood. ​Plus It’s an honour helping people understand their animals better’’ She says. She has always had a special and unique bond with animals and nature, having been an animal lover since birth. Dr. Parul Chaudhri, the founder of Humans Of Animal Land, an organisation dedicated to “speaking for animals,” has always regarded animals as divine spiritual beings who serve as wise teachers, guides, and healers. She has lived with over 100’s of animals in her personal life and communicated with many more. Animals taught her, comforted her, and patiently waited during her evolution for her to claim her divine purpose. Helping animals and their human parents is her life’s intent.

Dr Parul’s childhood animal family still guides her today and shows up energetically for important milestones. Growing up in a house full of animals, her demands were unlike those of others her age. She would rather spend her time with her grandparents on their huge farm with animals than go on expensive vacations. I always saw all my animals as guides, teachers, and healers. Little did she know that she’d be guided on her soul mission by her loving dog Xena. Xena her basset hound and Zara her Dachshund, were turning points in her life’s journey. She lost both of them in a tragic and painful way.

After a series of serious illnesses, Xena had to be euthanized, and Zara’s life was plagued by blindness and diabetes. However, these angels demonstrated what a fighting spirit looks like. Nonetheless, their passing left her with a slew of unanswered questions, the most pressing of which was why they died with so many illnesses despite the care she gave. Did she go above and beyond for them? Was she correct in her decisions about their treatment? Without them, with the pain of losing them, and with unanswered questions, she was left broken. In the midst of her mourning, she was scrolling through Instagram and came across an Animal Communicators page, she right away knew there is where her questions would be answered. She spent the entire night watching all of the videos while having tears stream down her cheeks because they touched her. She followed the advice of Xena, who was guiding her from beyond, and joined the Animal Communication Program to hone her psychic abilities.

The more she exposed herself to animals, the more she discovered a whole new world. All of the unanswered questions, pain, and trauma were replaced with wisdom, knowledge, and knowings from Xena, Zara, and many other animals alive and in spirit. Her deep compassion and passion, combined with her expertise as a professional animal communicator and holistic healer, enable her to assist all parents and their animals in regaining balance, well-being, and expanding into greater happiness. If your pet is displaying aggressive, anxious, or other behaviours. If you are grieving the loss of your pet or have unanswered questions about your pet, whether alive or in spirit, Dr. Parul’s readings can help. They enlighten you as to how your animal feels. She connects with your animals energetically and they teleport her to their world by delivering their messages to her through seeing, hearing, knowing, and feeling.

Animal Communication method helps you understand what your animal wants from you. It might just surprise you how aware and observant they are and how much they want to share their thoughts and hearts with you. There are endless occasions when you would want to know your pet’s viewpoint. Pet Parents can gain a better understanding of their animal’s talents, behaviours, and challenges, allowing them and the pet parent to form a stronger and better relationship with their furry babies and understand the purpose of their animals in this life. Dr. Parul helps you unlock this beautiful journey with your animals.

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