Miyu & Moka launches first Hallmark stamped European silver jewellery in India

New Delhi : Miyu & Moka, the premium jewellery brand, launches India’s first-ever Hallmark-stamped European silver jewellery collection with intricate & exclusive designs. The brand offers jewellery in high-quality metals such as pure 92.5 pure silver & waterproof 316 stainless steel with thick 18k gold plating that will last long!

Each of the silver jewellery crafted is approved & stamped by BIS accredited agency which essentially means the customer can be 100% sure about the claimed purity. In India, gold jewellery is subject to mandatory hallmarking, ensuring each piece meets the established standards of purity and quality. Conversely, for silver items, a hallmark certificate is required only at the brand level, authorizing the brand to sell silver products.

Speaking about becoming the first BIS-stamped & approved jewellery brand with European designs, Ritu Bharaj, founding member said, “As I explored the Indian market to purchase silver jewellery for my mother, I came across the prevalent market trend that the hallmark is for the silver jewellery brand name but not for the products. It simply means that the brand is allowed to sell silver but it doesn’t mean that what they are selling is pure. This made me check the multiple pieces I already owned and found that purity levels were lower than claimed. This is when I decided alongside my cofounders to establish Miyu & Moka, a brand that guarantees purity to customers, with each piece. Our basic tenets are to provide transparency, uniqueness & quality to each of our consumers.”

Miyu & Moka’s jewellery pieces are checked and stamped by the Govt. accredited certification authority. All information related to Miyu & Moka’s jewellery is transparently shared, as a token of respect towards customers.

The jewellery is designed in Europe & in collaboration with some of the leading European designers to offer unique and limited-time collections. It is manufactured across Thailand, China & India. Only clean stones & recycled gold as well as recycled silver/stainless are used.

Founded by a team of women with collective corporate experience of 40 years across lifestyle & financial brands. The trigger to start was the lack of a transparent silver brand that offered premium yet BIS-hallmarked designs. Why should the customer settle for anything less than 92.5 silver purity?

In a short span, the brand has come to be loved by some of the leading influencers & stylists. The collections start from Rs. 999 making it an ideal label if you’re looking to gift something special for a friend. There’s something playful about M&M’s stacked jewellery collection with gorgeous look-at-me pieces.  The brand is luxurious yet approachable.

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