Your chest becomes like breast, don’t be panic, treatment is easy



Patna/Kolkata : Gynecomastia is a condition that does not cause much harm, but it can make a man feel uncomfortable among their own. However, there is no need to be panic about this because in many cases it resolves on its own after a certain period of time. And even if it does not cure, the surgery has now become quite easy and accessible.

Senior plastic surgeon of Patna, Dr. SA Warsi is giving complete information about the causes, harms and treatment of gynecomastia.


Senior plastic surgeon Dr. Shabbir Warsi is telling about gynecomastia

Dr. Warsi explains, “gynecomastia is a condition in which mens’ chests start to grow like breast. In many cases, this disease can be caused by hormonal disturbances or by irregular routine and unbalanced diet. Sometimes the real cause of this problem is unrecognized. It has been seen that people suffering from this disease start feeling uncomfortable among the people around them and start getting cut off from society. Their confidence level starts decreasing and they are unable to concentrate on their studies and work due to not being able to mix properly with other children.”

Plastic surgeon Dr. Warsi further says, “It usually starts happening in adolescence and increases with time. In most cases, it gradually resolves on its own without any treatment. But in some people this disease does not heal on its own. In such a situation, surgery is the only remedy for this because there is no medicine available for it.

Dr. SA Warsi discussed further and told, “As far as the operation is concerned, generally general surgeons make a large incision and remove the gland and fat from the chest. But plastic surgeons do this operation by liposuction method in which a very small incision is made and the body is harmed very little. The patient is kept for hardly a day and is discharged the next day after the operation. There is no scar or mark on the patient’s body after a few days of the operation.”

Dr. SA Warsi says, “Surgery is usually given priority only after the age of 17-18 years because till then there is more hope of the patient recovering on his own.

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